Ted Ficken’s Book Published

I am excited to announce the publication of my book, Music of Hate, Music for Healing: Paired Stories from the Hate Music Industry and the Profession of Music Therapy.

The book includes 14 paired stories which illustrate the contrasts, relationships, similarities, differences, and juxtapositions between two uses of music.

Each pair teaches readers about hate music (i.e. anti-Black music, anti-Immigrant music, anti-disabled music, anti-LGBT music, misogynist music, racist music, etc.), next to the story of a music therapist involved with using music in more positive ways.

The book is an anti-hate, pro-love book. It can be used as a unique way to open conversations about social justice, systemic racism, discrimination, ethics, and other hot topics. Some stories provide a historical perspective, while other stories are pulled straight from headlines and current events.

My background includes a Ph.D. in Public Health, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music therapy, and a credential as a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. Given that, I identify hate music as a public health issue that needs to be investigated, understood, addressed, and confronted. The final chapter summarizes my findings and presents viable actions and solutions.

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