Member News: Six Weeks by Michael R. Lane

Michael R. Lane is proud to announce that his newest novel, Six Weeks, is available now!

Six Weeks Cover
Michael R Lane Author Photo

The Cavanaugh Investigation Agency registered its most profitable year to date. Earnings generated by putting in a lot of overtime. C. J. Cavanaugh’s PI partner, Renita Harris, is on a well-deserved six weeks’ vacation. Not a problem. C. J. is anticipating an easy going six weeks. Insurance fraud and background checks make up the majority of their investigations. Work that is more monotonous than dangerous. Unlike his DEA deep cover days.

An unfortunate combination of personal absences and a flu epidemic had crippled the local DEA of field operatives. His good friend Portland DEA Director Patrick O’Malley asks C. J. for help. C. J. is glad to lend a hand. A DEA surveillance operation on a drug distribution hot spot is where C. J. is assigned. What C. J. witnesses during his shift forces him to go nose-to-nose against a decorated Portland Narc and Oregon’s drug czar.

The FBI have uncovered a national dark organization called Firestorm that specializes in arson. The FBI have been unable to infiltrate Firestorm. His friend and local FBI Director ask a special favor of him. He wants to enlist C. J. in an undercover operation that could open the door to Firestorm. C. J. agrees to help. With practically zero inside knowledge on Firestorm, C. J. has no idea if the operation will go south in a hurry.

So much for a relaxing six weeks.

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