Member News: Release of New Christmas Novel

Just in time for holiday reading, local author Bill Cullen’s new novel Christmas Adrift is now available.

Christmas Adrift Cover Image

Take an unforgettable journey through the Christmas holidays as experienced by those living in the shadows of society.

Set in Portland, Oregon, the book follows a cast of misfits living aboard the St. Remy, an old tugboat plying the wintry waters of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Giving voice to their tales is Sarah Thomas, a talented young writer who has experienced it all firsthand and is now spilling her secrets out in a novella to Mr. Brown, a trusted English teacher.

Though Mr. Brown quickly suspects that the girl is living a double life he has no idea that she makes her home aboard a derelict tugboat hidden in a cove south of Portland, or that the St. Remy is being hunted by the Welder, a small time drug dealer intent on taking revenge on the crew for an old betrayal. As her teacher scrambles to intervene on her behalf, Sarah decides to risk it all and heads out into a dangerous winter storm to visit a wealthy friend, hoping to finally experience a “normal” Christmas Eve. Before the week is over, three Christmas stories will be woven into one heartwarming tale of bravery and sacrifice that will leave you recounting and rethinking, your own Blessings.

Author Bill Cullen has been writing and editing fact and fiction for over 30 years. His first novel A Signal Waves was published in 2013. In 2016 his short story ‘Valentine’s Day’ was included in Saturday Evening Post’s ‘Best Short American Fiction of 2016’. For the last ten years Bill and his wife Holly have resided in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, just a stone’s throw from the Willamette River.

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