Member News: Release of Marlena Fiol’s New Memoir

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Nothing Bad Between Us: A Mennonite Missionary’s Daughter Finds Healing in Her Brokenness is a heartwarming and often shocking tale of a religious father and his sinful daughter that will transform your perception of what it means to simultaneously rebel against and yearn for a father’s love. Marlena is four months old when her parents are called as medical missionaries to establish a leprosy compound in a Mennonite community in South America. Throughout her early life, she grapples with contradictory desires to please her autocratic, hero-doctor father, and revolt against his often-abusive control.

After being publicly humiliated in front of the entire close-knit Mennonite community for her sexual misconduct, Marlena escapes to the U.S., where she stumbles from one disaster to another. She always gets back on her feet, thinking she is in control once more, only to hit bottom again. In the midst of that all-too-familiar place at rock bottom, she finally understands the futility of one more attempt to explain away or justify what is happening to her. At the same time, she gradually becomes aware that her father, the willful and powerful doctor who seemed invincible, is also experiencing blows to his ego. At the intersection of their brokenness, healing becomes possible.

Nothing Bad Between Us follows Marlena’s journey from an abusive upbringing in her Mennonite community in Paraguay, to escape, love and loss in the United States, and finally on to forgiveness and reconciliation. It reveals unexpected openings to find healing in the most broken parts of ourselves.

The book is now available for pre-order and is scheduled for release on October 27. Find out more!