Member News: “Obscurity”, Clarke’s Debut Novel

Ryan Clarke, a news and sports reporter for Pamplin Media Group and lifelong Beaverton resident, published his debut novel on Dec. 14 — two weeks before his 25th birthday. The novel, Obscurity, is a blend of noir crime and supernatural horror.

Daniel Bishop and Andre Gibson are best friends leading a life of crime in Las Vegas. After nearly a decade of robbing, gambling and hustling their way through the bowels of Sin City, they plan one final job to get out of the game for good: rob hotel and casino magnate Richard Reynolds. What they discover in pursuit of this big score is far more sinister than anticipated, placing them in the crosshairs of an ancient demon that feeds on human flesh and suffering.

What follows is an introspective journey for all involved; a reflection on class, criminality and corruption that leaves behind a trail of blood and shell casings.

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