Member News: Novel Release

I am excited to announce the release of my novel, Lily’s Home Front, (Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC) on October 4. The story takes place during World War II and is about a young woman welder on Liberty Ships in Kaiser’s Portland shipyard.

About Lily’s Home Front:

During World War II, Lily Gordon, a twenty-year-old welder on Liberty Ships, is in love with the soldier, Jim Harper. Tensions arise when Jim’s family disapproves of Lily being Jewish. Despite both their families’ objections, Lily and Jim marry. Soon afterward, Jim leaves with his Army division for Europe. He not only risks his life fighting, but his Army division also liberates a Nazi death camp, where he gains a true understanding of the horrors of bigotry. During this terrible time of war, Lily gains a new perspective about what to value in life.