Member News: New Release – War Angel: Korea 1950

It’s 1950. Mary Belanger, a Reserve Army operating room nurse is called up and must leave behind a philandering husband and the baby of his runaway sister. All too soon, Mary is thrust into combat surgeries dealing with unimaginable wounds and forced to grow in ways she never imagined.

She and the other nurses do the impossible every day saving the lives of American servicemen. When the war reaches a stage there is hope for victory, their fate is dealt a cruel blow. At a time when US Army regulations prohibited men from serving as nurses, the actual experiences of the MASH Nurses operating close to combat is told in this compelling tale.    

Mike Weedall reveals the real MASH where gallows humor ruled. Based upon the real-life experiences of the women who served in the Korean War, the courage and gallantry of these Angels of Mercy are told in a fast-paced novel. “

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