Member News: New Release — There’s a Cat Hair in My Mask

There's a Cat Hair in My Mask
Mollie Hunt Author Photo

In a departure from her cozy mystery series, Mollie Hunt announces the publication of her new COVID memoir, There’s a Cat Hair in My Mask – How Cats Helped Me through Unprecedented Times. In her words, “This is my story, a tale of a plague and politics, of depression and inspiration, but mostly of cats.”

“In February 2020, the world changed forever. In April 2021, my life took on new meaning when I rescued a cat who was sentenced to die. A lot happened in between.” —Mollie Hunt

In this gripping story, the author weaves the unprecedented events of those fourteen months with her personal experiences and remembrances—a childhood filled with nameless fear; growing up into the hippie sixties; a happy marriage against all odds. There were cats then too—she wouldn’t have made it through without them.

“Cat Hair” is an ode to the power of the human-feline bond and the very real and healing presence of cats. 

You can find more about Mollie Hunt and her newest book here