Member News: New Release — The Third Man

The Third Man
Randolph Splitter

Two families whose lives intersect, two refugees who travel far-flung paths: from Vienna in the 1930s to England in the 1940s — and back—The Third Man is a novel about dispossession, refuge, and the morally complex search for justice and humanity.

Randolph Splitter’s novel The Third Man will be published in early March by Golden Antelope Press. The novel was inspired by his family. His parents left Vienna in 1938, and his young cousins were sent on the Kindertransport to England.

“The Third Man is an artful, tremendously absorbing novel, rich with the humanity of its characters, exquisitely told. Splitter’s achievement is powerful, thrilling, and unforgettable.” —Elizabeth McKenzie, author of The Portable Veblen

“Randolph Splitter has woven a rewarding tale of exile and the hardship of healing. Exhaustively researched, every page rings true. A fascinating and important story.” —Martin Fletcher, former Middle East correspondent and author of The List, Jacob’s Oath, and other books

“The Third Man title borrowed from Carol Reed’s movie is put to ingenious use in this affecting novel about Jewish refugees from Vienna… a powerful depiction of Vienna in the 1930s and Britain in the 1940s, where two rootless and bereaved people rebuild the future they had lost.” —Brigid Grauman, Belgian-based journalist and author of Uncle Otto’s Puppet Theatre: A Jewish family Saga

“A brilliantly researched book… A moving and emotional read for everyone and a very personal experience for me as a Kindertransport child who survived without parents from the age of 4.” —Sir Erich Reich, former Chair of the Kindertransport group of the Association of Jewish Refugees (UK)

“…excellent historical research… skillful[ly] intertwines the personal stories of the main characters with the larger history. The story is never simplistic in its depiction of the historical, moral, and existential problems its characters confront. This book is a compelling read—it is hard to put it down.” —Rick McCormick, Professor Emeritus of German, University of Minnesota, author of Sex, Politics, & Comedy: The Transnational Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch

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