Pre-orders available now! Publishing date: August 20, 2023

The Last Hippy Poet of the Woodstock Generation is finally here! I am pleased to announce that after over three years of writing, editing, and fine tuning, my new book will be officially published on August 20th — but you can pre-order it now!

It is available for pre-orders in 3 editions: Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle eBook. Order it here.

The Last Hippy Poet of the Woodstock Generation — As timely as today’s headlines, as turbulent as the 1960s themselves — A tell all, unvarnished tale of Hollywood heartache and love’s redemption — 1960s Rock-N-Roll is on the rise in this extraordinary coming-of-age chronicle, exploring the yearnings and angst of a troubled, working-class teen struggling to survive on the streets of Hollywood. It is a captivating exploration into what the ’60s and ’70s were about on the city streets and beaches of Southern California for the teens growing up in those times.

In the heart of the turbulent 1960s, Steven is an ordinary teenager trying to find his place in the world until, at the awkward age of 15, his family disintegrates. He leaves the life he has known and moves with his mom to Hollywood, where he becomes a regular dancer on American Bandstand and lands a job as a DJ and doorman at a famous teen nightclub on the Sunset Strip, working alongside iconic L.A. bands like The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, and Sonny & Cher. He finds himself at the epicenter of the blossoming Hippy Counterculture movement.

This is his personal, unvarnished story of youth speaking truth to power while struggling through the heartbreak that only love and betrayal can bring. This work is the magnum opus of writer C. Steven Blue; the culmination of over 50 years as an author, poet, artist, and musician. At over 600 pages, it is a monumental and essential piece of work, consisting of a psychedelic memoir and two sections of narrative verse, creating a fascinating book in three parts—a triad. It is also a hybrid book—a unique reading experience that seamlessly blends memoir, poetry, and artwork.

A finalist in The 2022 American Writing Awards, The Last Hippy Poet of the Woodstock Generation is a book that is sure to inspire, entertain, and make you think. Whether you were part of the Woodstock generation or are a teenager or young adult today, this book is a compelling read.

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