Member News: New Release — The Blossom of the Thar

The Blossom of the Thar

Oscar Z. Hutson’s new novel, The Blossom of the Thar, released June 6th.

Rahoul Sharma wants to improve life in Thar desert in his native State of Rajasthan, India. His friend, Sohrabi Mirza, a Muslim girl of great beauty, shares his ideals. Using his engineering skills to implement solar power on a large scale, Rahoul is met by endless obstacles.

He also designs a new system to make the Hydrate Process of desalination that works. At the coast on the Gulf of Kutch, two hundred miles away, he builds a desalinator, which when completed will bring water to the parched desert. But a wealthy man with a score to settle blocks Rahoul’s attempts at success and ultimately puts his young family in danger.