Member News: New Release — Small Business Experience Marketing

Bridget Bayer
Small Business Experience Marketing

The timing is perfect for small business owners to take advantage of the practical ideas and low-cost ways to grow and thrive with the new book, Small Business Experience Marketing. Written by community event consultant Bridget Bayer, this innovative manual of best practices shows how to create memorable experiences by tickling all the senses and forging community connections that provides long-term benefits to small business owners.

Experience Marketing events are thoughtful, targeted experiences, not just sales promotions for products or services. Hosting experiential events that value a customer’s time and attention gives customers something a product alone cannot — a sense of community, so needed today as we come out of this pandemic. The book contains a treasure of practical tools for planning events and for growing a long-term client base. It should be required reading for anyone opening a small business or for individuals seeking to expand their marketing prowess.

Philip Stanton, owner of Mississippi Pizza / Atlantis Lounge, cheered its release: “Even as a seasoned restauranteur and venue owner who has hosted thousands of events over the past 20 years, I found Small Business Experience Marketing gave me new insight into how to better plan, market and execute both large and small events more effectively.”

Experience Marketing techniques featured in the book can enhance events of all kinds through detailed planning and partnering, strengthening relationships, and adding sensory targeted promotions that turn customers into loyal patrons who sustain a business over time.

Over the past two decades, Bridget Bayer has lived and breathed community development, from starting and operating her own small businesses, to working with Main Street Associations in Oregon, California and Washington. Bayer’s considerable community-building skills and experience are demonstrated in her first book, Street Fairs for Community and Profit: How to Plan, Organize and Stage a Sensational Street Fair While Building Community. Her company, BAMpdx (Business Association Management), helps people and businesses build community through events.

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