Member News: New Release — Keep Me Forever by Elsa Wolf

Elsa Wolf is pleased to present her newest novel, Keep Me Forever. An authentic and provocative look at the perils of a young man named Jim who is struggling with PTSD. A tale inspired by a real character, and turned into a fictionalized version of the life he could have had with an enchanting, magical conclusion.

At twenty-one years of age, Jim leaves Orlando hoping to begin a new life that doesn’t contain costumed characters or ghosts from his past. He meets Sara for the first time on the train. She adds an extra dimension to the journey back to his childhood home in Savannah, Georgia. Jim’s best friend and his miserly, affluent father encourage him to join the Army. The GI Bill would fund his college education. Afterward, he could become an FBI Agent and fight against crimes similar to his sister’s murder. After a disastrous mission in Grenada He suffers from bouts of PTSD. With some coaxing from a loved one, he travels to a family member’s home in Sintra, Portugal, hoping to heal his broken soul. During midnight wanderings, he discovers supernatural beings and questions his sanity.

You can find more about Elsa and her work at her website.