Member News: New Release— In Living Color, poetry by Jan Baross


Award winning novelist Jan Baross has gathered her first amazing collection of poetry, In Living Color. Through unique wit and depth of observation, Baross’s poems bring unique witness to her life and our lives.

“This book of poems is dedicated to family—not a family expressing love by silent revery, but by wild truth. And these aren’t poems tamed to the literary, but the kind of utterance you wish your relatives would say, rich with honest sorrow and vibrant joy. If you’ve lost someone, this book is your kind companion. If you revere moments from childhood, find friendly ways of seeing your young self here. If you are bereft, learn how to pepper loss with discovery. This book says, No more reticence. Read these poems to wake up what you say to those you love—especially yourself.”

—Kim Stafford, former Poet Laureate of Oregon and author of Singer Come from Afar

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