Member News: New Release – Hide and Seek: A Dad’s Journey From Soulless Addiction to Sole Custody by Paul Summer Jr.

“Lola is just three years old when her mother takes her from her father and disappears. Born to two substance abuse disorder parents, she is powerless over their unhealthy behaviors.

This sobering account is told by her father. Served a restraining order, he must decide between deepening his own drug excesses or protecting his daughter from her mother’s reckless choices.

Alone, with no guarantee of being reunited with his little girl, the father struggles. Can he overcome a gender-biased legal system, a culture dismissive of fatherhood, and the improbability he’ll mature beyond the familiar lure of his own irresponsible lifestyle?”                “Paul Summers Jr.’s first memoir HIDE AND SEEK: A DAD’S JOURNEY FROM SOULLESS ADDICTION TO SOLE CUSTODY, released by local woman-owned business, The Publishing Circle, and published on April 13th.

A member of, and occasional volunteer for, Willamette Writers since 2019, Paul is a father, husband, stepdad, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and certified sound healer.

In 2023, one of his guitars was put on display at The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will find his indie punk and alternative recordings under Paul Summers Jr., Triple Ripple, A.W.O.L. Vegas, and Cries and Whispers. For the healing ambient instrumental sound showers, he goes by the name Pablo Veranos. With sixteen years of sobriety, Paul crafted this memoir to benefit families seeking sanity, alcoholics seeking sobriety, and dads identifying their purpose. “

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