Member News: New Release — Guin the Emerald

Louisa Kelley
Guin the Emerald

Portland author Louisa Kelley announces the release of the latest book in her WLW fantasy romance series, The Shift Series.

Shape-shifting dragons in Portland, gorgeous women, intrigue, romance and mystery, plus a baby dragon! This book follows the acclaimed first book in the series, Fianna The Gold.

Guin is on a mission in the Oregon mountains when all connections with Dracan, the world of dragon-shifters, are cut, leaving her with one ally and Miriam, the human who betrayed the Draca, who is under house arrest while working off her debt to the dragons. To Guin’s dismay, she’s forced to partner with Miriam as they hunt for answers to the turmoil engulfing Dracan with only an ancient prophecy as a guide – definitely not the easiest thing, as Guin’s dragon is still furious with Miriam, though Guin… not so much; and her reluctant attraction to Miriam is causing an unprecedented break with her sister-self.

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