Member News: New Release — Fester, by Crawford Smith

Welcome to Fester, Pennsylvania. Population: weird.

Chief Constable Billy Snyder keeps the town in line, enforcing the law with an iron fist while he runs his own lucrative scams on the side. He serves as guard dog for the elite Top Hats, descendants of Fester’s original settlers, who for centuries have been keeping a dark secret in the Wizard’s Woods south of town. When circumstances threaten to reveal the Top Hats’ secret, Snyder puts his best man on the case: Inspector Martin Prieboy. The Batman-obsessed inspector—one of Fester’s few honest cops—soon finds himself in over his head.

Now he has to contend with two big cases: a murder/suicide at the local college and the mysterious disappearance of a well-respected nurse. Further complicating matters are the machinations of a drug-pushing rodeo clown, a group of cataclysmically inept Satanists, a family of crazed hillbillies, and an old-school Germanic witchdoctor. And that new drug that’s going around town—is it just bad medicine or a genuine gateway to the spirit realm?

Against all of these odds and oddities, Snyder and Martin struggle to keep a lid on the town’s troublemakers. When two love-struck teens make a fearsome discovery in the Wizard’s Woods, the volatile mixture of mystery and greed begins to burn, threatening the Top Hats’ secret and the future of Fester!

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