Member News: New Release — Deep Canyons

Nan C Ballard
Deep Canyons

Deep Canyons, Book 2 in Nan C Ballard’s science fiction western series, is available for pre-order and will launch on November 22.

In Deep Canyons, Lee Vawn-Cory still hasn’t come to terms with her ordeal three years earlier. She has split from Seth Reilly. Now she joins a trek on horseback to explore an unsettled region of the planet Carico. Nothing like hooves on the ground to get to know a place. Then her horses show up at Seth’s place without her. He sets out after her, picturing all the things that can go wrong in the wilds. But what he finds is beyond his wildest imaginings. Captured by non-human castaways, he is taken to a hidden enclave where he discovers Lee already being held. It’s not as simple as escaping. Their lives and the future of Carico depend on them paving the way to peaceful contact between the castaways and the humans.

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