Member News: New Release – Deadly Tides

Sheriff Jax Turner is learning to live again. Holding tight to the hope of reconciling with his FBI agent ex-wife, the wary man is determined to keep his focus on his coastal Oregon community. And after a concerned brother requests a welfare check, Jax is troubled to find the absent surf shop owner’s tracks lead to a pool of blood.

Now investigating a potential homicide, Turner chases a tip from his former spouse about a severed foot found on the beach. But when a torrent of leads links the victim to a politician’s son, a jealous competitor, and a get-straight program for youth, the steadfast lawman fears layers of lies and secret agendas will keep him from stopping a vicious killer.

Can he unravel the fatal agenda before he’s the next corpse to wash ashore?

If you like flawed heroes, gritty crimes, and dark twists and turns, then you’ll love Deadly Tides, the chilling second book in Mary Keliikoa’s Misty Pines Mystery Series.


“DEADLY TIDES is a marvelously labyrinthine mystery that lays bare the tortured nature of a spirit driven to murder. That alone would be enough to recommend it. But it’s also a poignant exploration of loss and the difficult journey that leads to healing. In the crime genre, that’s a rare and beautiful accomplishment.”

–William Kent Krueger, New York Times Best-Selling Author of the Cork O’Connor series

“”In Mary Keliikoa’s Deadly Tides, a small seaside town can be murder. A perfect blend of a twisty whodunnit and a heartbreaking examination of loss and love, Deadly Tides is a thrilling continuation of this new series!””

–Rachel Howzell Hall, best-selling novelist of We Lie Here and These Toxic Things

Fantastic! A severed foot, a pool of blood, a missing man, and an expanding web of suspects in the small Oregon town of Misty Pines. Sheriff Jax Turner sure has his hands full. Mary Keliikoa’s “Deadly Tides” is as taut as a drum, a real page-turner with a propulsive climax that’ll have you literally holding your breath. Loved it.

–Tracy Clark, author of the Cass Raines Chicago Mystery series and the Det. Harriet Foster series

Mary Keliikoa is on her way up and headed for the big leagues of mystery/thriller authors. The best books are character driven and keep the reader thinking about the people long after the book is finished. Deadly Tides is that kind of book. Keliikoa knows the geography: the sea coast, the forests and even the weather. You can almost smell the salt air. The scenes are designed to drop the readers into the “fictive dream,” and holds them there. At the same time, like a master juggler, Keliikoa blends the multi-layered plot with three-dimensional characters.

The strong writing craft, the three-dimensional characters, the great setting all give the story a sense of irresistible realism. A great combination.

–David Putnam Author of the Bruno Johnson series (and now the Dave Beckett series).

“An intense and satisfying whodunit.” – Kirkus Reviews

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