Member News: New Release — CARELESS

The Cover of CARELESS
Daniel Pease Author Headshot

Daniel Pease and Big City Press are excited to announce CARELESS! The first in the Leland Chase Mysteries. CARELESS, an Oregon Coast Book, is Daniel’s debut and much anticipated First Book in the PI Hard-Boiled series. Set in the fictional town of Tampico Bay, 1986, the stories are told as a memoire years later.

For Chase, the question is whether his childhood friend and teen crush is capable of murder. And if so, is he also capable of killing again? A former prosecutor, the divorced father of one must juggle this curious case swirling about buddy against not one, but two heinous crimes while also making up for lost time with his grown son. Somewhere in there, he’d love to come to terms with his new-found sexuality by understanding a shy police detective who shoots a mean game of pool and whose own gumption in life simply defies rationale.

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