Murder by The Sea Named Best Mystery

Best Lesfic Books of 2020, Deni Starr's Murder by the Sea: Best Mystery Award
Murder by the Sea Cover Image

LezReviewBooks named Deni Starr’s Murder by The Sea Best Mystery for 2020.

From Lex, the reviewer: “Like all good mysteries, this book had an exciting climax. Not to brag but I was very proud of myself for figuring out the mystery but damn the ending! It was so good! While it won’t be a surprise if you can pick up the clues in the book, it still is a total shocker. I know that doesn’t make sense, but trust me. It was a real OMG moment that left my mouth hanging open and I loved it! It truly was one of the better endings to a mystery book that I have read in a long time.

In case you could not tell, I absolutely recommend this book to mystery fans. This is not fast-paced or a thriller, but it’s a straight-up classic mystery with great clues that was fun to read. This book is a little gem that I know is going on my favorite list of 2020. I hope more mystery fans will give this a chance. It’s too good to miss. 4.50 stars.”

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