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Mortal Thoughts and Sandbox by Michael R. Lane

As a teenager, Michael R. Lane only wrote when necessary. He had nothing against writing: he was – and is – an avid reader. He simply saw no need to write outside of satisfying his academic requirements. That was before he spent time with poetry. Poetry became his first creative writing love. They began dating in high school and she remains his longest running love affair.

While the poems in Mortal Thoughts were written over a number of years, the collection was compiled, edited and refined between February 2016 and June 2017. Mortal Thoughts arose from their romance.

Sandbox offers loose sand sprinkled onto eclectic wet wanderings at play in the mind of a humble poet.

About Michael’s Poetry

Some of his poems whisper. Others scream in your face. Most requests a brief audience to share an interesting insight or revelation. Mortal Thoughts is a culmination of decades of intimate conversations the two have shared.

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