Member News: Marilyn Sewell reading

Marilyn Sewell will do a virtual reading from her new book, In Time’s Shadow: Stories About Impermanence, on June 2 at 7:00 PM.

Minister, author, and activist Marilyn Sewell reflects on the everyday, the places we live and work, the thoughts we all have but hardly ever share, though they may carry the most profound of our human concerns. Using a variety of short literary forms—dramatic monologues, vignettes, letters, prose poems, lists, surrealistic tales—Sewell presents quirky, ironic, and compassionate slices of life that will bring laughter and at the same time take you deeper into the mysteries of existence. Sewell pushes for the thin, startling light beneath the confusion and chaos of our daily living: a woman worries that her cat loves her partner more than her; a man and a woman talk past each other in a therapy session; a lonely woman is distressed because her plant has stopped blooming. Together these short, compelling readings shine a light on the cultural incongruities and inanities which crowd our existence. We love, we lose, we die, and through it all, we ask, “What’s it all about?”

“Through the spaces between people in these beguiling fictions, love wanders like a ghost, offering whispered hints of solace . . . .”
Kim Stafford, 9th Poet Laureate of Oregon

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