Member News: Leonide Martin’s book Sak K’uk in print

A Mother and Son Fight to Preserve Their Dynasty…

Sak K’uk, the strong-willed daughter of Yohl Ik’nal—first Mayan woman ruler—faces rebellious nobles and spiritual crisis in her city following a devastating enemy attack. The sacred portal to the Gods is desecrated, temples and crops destroyed, the ruler killed and the royal family humiliated. With her city in chaos and leaderless, Sak K’uk undertakes a perilous Underworld journey to seek help and encounters the Primordial Mother Goddess, Muwaan Mat.
Invoking the powers of the Goddess to overcome opposition, Sak K’uk accedes and holds the throne for her young son, Pakal. She knows that a Mayan prophecy foretold Pakal’s destiny to become ruler, restore the collapsed portal, and bring Lakam Ha to greatness. The intense trials of mother and son forge a special bond that proves both a blessing and a curse.
Enter the ancient Mayan world of jungle-draped stone cities with soaring pyramids and broad plazas gleaming in the tropical sun. Experience cunning plots and intrigue, shamanic curses, dazzling rituals, and the bizarre Maya Underworld.
Brimming with vibrant detail and extraordinary characters that are seamlessly woven into the historical tapestry, The Controversial Mayan Queen is a rich and captivating treasure told by an astute storyteller.
“The author has great skills at world building and crafting a . . . story that will keep the reader engaged and entertained from cover to cover. Great author voice and writing style.” – Writer’s Digest
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