Member News: Kaylin McFarren Book Release

Kaylin McFarren announces the release of her new book, Twisted Threads:

Kaylin McFarren new novel Twisted Threads

Kaylin McFarren taps into her personal experiences, world travel and her inner voices to create Twisted Threads, the latest thriller in her trendy Threads series. This character-driven story, set aboard a cruise ship heading towards the Caribbean Islands, is sure to exhilarate and excite fans of mystery, action, psychological thrillers and romantic suspense.

A fierce protagonist, Akira Hamada is a beautiful Japanese geisha-turned-assassin on a mission of retaliation against the family that brutally murdered a notorious crime lord’s sister. Failure to complete her assignment will result in her own certain death.

When Akira meets Devon Lyons, she soon realizes those close to him are intricately involved in her mission. As the two become inseparable, it is obvious that nothing and no one are as they seem. With mysterious deaths mounting aboard the ship and a killer on the loose, tensions escalate to the brink of disaster. With dark secrets begging to surface, everyone involved is forced to make some difficult, life-threatening choices.

Now available for pre-order, Twisted Threads is already receiving rave reviews from fans of the popular series. Sheri Hoyte, editor and reviewer for Reader Views says of the story, “The layers of deliciousness never ends, and the seamless writing that incorporates multiple genres into one engrossing story, truly provides non-stop action and entertainment for all tastes!”

Further accolades of McFarren’s latest release includes this statement from Ella Vincent of Pacific Book Reviews: “This fourth book in her series stands on its own merits of character development, meaning readers don’t have to first read the prequels to understand the theme; but I believe they will certainly want to after experiencing Twisted Threads.”

Congratulations to Kaylin McFarren on her new release. Click here to find out more about her new book.