Debut Novel from Grant Rosenberg

Grant Rosenberg
Gideon Cover Page

Dr. Kelly Harper lives the good life.  She has a dream job working alongside her father at their urgent care clinic in San Francisco and a longtime boyfriend who is a Homicide Inspector with the SFPD.

But everything suddenly and drastically changes when her father, a highly respected physician, is murdered.  As Kelly tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered reality, she discovers that her father had a shocking secret; he’d led a dark and perilous double life.   

This stunning revelation puts Kelly in dire jeopardy and forces her to make life altering choices, cross moral and ethical lines, and eventually embrace her father’s sinister past to save her own life. 

Gideon comes out on October 29th from Pegasus Publishers.

For the past forty years Grant Rosenberg has written and produced television series. Gideon is Rosenberg’s debut novel.

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