Member News: Franklin Posner’s debut novel, Suburban Vampire, just released!

Willamette Writers member Franklin Posner’s first novel, Suburban Vampire: A Tale of the Human Condition – With Vampires, has just been released in paperback and Kindle editions. The novel is an irreverent take on the vampire genre, centered around a lovable everyman who struggles with a crisis of faith as he attempts to come to terms with his new identity as a vampire. It combines the supernatural, action, romance, and politics with a healthy dose of humor. The vampire on the cover may have blood dripping from his mouth, but his tongue is firmly in his cheek.

 About the Novel

Office worker and ordinary guy Scott Campbell is probably the last person you’d suspect of being a vampire. His new supernatural enemies may underestimate him, but this suburban vampire is much stronger than anyone thinks.

The trouble begins when another driver runs Scott off the road. Scott survives the car crash, but the other motorist immediately attacks him in the wreckage.

The assault changes Scott forever. He suddenly has heightened senses, supernatural strength, and an insatiable hunger. The truth is undeniable: Scott is a vampire. Soon he’s immersed in the arcane, highly ritualized, and surprisingly bureaucratic world of the supernatural.

After Scott foils a mass shooting at a local mall, he’s ordered to stand trial by the House, the ruling authority among vampires. The group plans to condemn him to death for being an unregistered vampire who has potentially exposed vampire kind to an unsuspecting public.
Scott’s heroism also catches the attention of Detective Grace Montoya, who’s obsessed with uncovering his secret and exposing him to the world!

Will Scott’s new superpowers help him win his trial and dodge Montoya’s investigation? He’ll have to fight against a system that’s been ingrained in vampire society for centuries, but he may find supernatural allies willing to join in the struggle.

Now available on Amazon and Kindle.

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