Member News: Franklin Posner releases second novel!

WW Member Franklin Posner has just released his second novel, SUBURBAN VAMPIRE RAGNAROK. This novel is the sequel to his 2017 release, SUBURBAN VAMPIRE: A TALE OF THE HUMAN CONDITION – WITH VAMPIRES.  In this installation of the SUBURBAN VAMPIRE series, office worker and ordinary guy Scott Campbell is probably the last person you’d suspect of being a vampire. His new supernatural enemies may underestimate him, but this suburban vampire is much stronger than anyone thinks.

As Scott helps his vampire allies mop up the damage caused by his sire, the notorious outlaw Jack, vampire enforcer Elizabeth comes across a plot to overthrow the vampiric House of Portland from within. She suspects one of the newly-appointed House council members must be part of this nefarious scheme. Elizabeth now must tread carefully in order to find the mole and bring him — or her — to justice.

Meanwhile, Scott is distracted by the various daily challenges he must face, including the continuing aftermath of his divorce, and the wrath of his boss, who is not happy with Scott’s new-found defiant attitude. Scott must also face Dawn Rhinebeck, the youthful choir girl and object of Scott’s unrequited affections, and his guilt over her sudden and harrowing introduction to the dangers of the supernatural world. And, Scott must face the continuing threat posed against him by Detective Montoya, whose dogged pursuit of Scott may end up endangering them both!

And then there’s the mystical box of Huginn and Muninn — what is it, and why does Scott Campbell have it? Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the box for long, as it is stolen from him. Scott’s pursuit of the missing box leads him to the small Oregon Coast Range community of Hibbert’s Corner, where reports of strange wolf-like creatures have become all too common, and where a mysterious stranger has become the town’s mayor. Scott and Dawn must weave together a tapestry of hidden lore and ancient legend to uncover the truth behind the strange events, and to locate the box, before it’s too late.

In his pursuit of the box and the horrifying truth behind its power, Scott must face supernatural beings of all descriptions, including Werewolves, Sasquatches, Black-eyed Kids, Skin-Walkers, an undead Nazi, a Werewolf God, and not one but three femme fatales. Will Scott be able to save the earth from certain doom without making himself look like a total moron in the process? Will he manage to keep his job? And will his mother uncover the secret behind his “special diet beverage”? It’s all part of the exciting routine of being a Suburban Vampire!

Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine on-line retailers!

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