Member News: Editing Service — Caviar

A message from David MacNamera, the founder of Caviar Reviews and Editing:

Are you tired of seeing some of your books receive one-star reviews with no written justification? Sick of shallow reviews from ‘review exchanges’ that just seem to be written with info off of your book cover and one or two pages of your story? Do you suspect that terse reviewers didn’t really read your entire book?

Are you tired of people being too busy to give you some honest chat and discussion on your completed or budding literary creation? Tired of getting editors’ bids for $4000.00 to $6000.00 just to read a 300-page book?

Well, so were we!!!

That’s why we created Caviar Reviews and Editing. It’s a new review and editing site that’s by writers, for writers, and operates at a reasonable price point.