Member News: Chuck Cooper releases Safety Harbor: Keepers of the Light

Chuck Cooper releases Safety Harbor: Keepers of the Light

Chuck Cooper novel

Chuck Cooper announces the release of his new book, Safety Harbor: Keepers of the Light. 

Joe is Safety Harbor’s most beloved citizen. Through his gift of simple hospitality for all, and the quiet sharing of his wisdom with those who frequent his diner, he has influenced the lives of many for good. Now, Joe is missing, leaving behind only a cryptic note that simply says, “Carry on.” What does it mean to “carry on” as Joe intended? Did he leave of his own accord or is his absence a sign of something more sinister? Through the struggle with these questions, and the ensuing search for Joe, Safety Harbor discovers that it is in the middle of a cosmic struggle between light and darkness that takes some of them to the very edge of time and eternity. They find that heaven is not far from earth, and that our ordinary, flawed lives are indeed both miraculous and extraordinary.

Chuck Cooper says: “I started out to write this book over three years ago. When I began, I was still a pastor, and was writing only periodically, when time allowed. I never expected it to be published, and so, I wrote it for my own pleasure. I didn’t write the story thinking about what others would think of it. Because of that, it is truly from my own depths and Ihave a hunch that makes it a better story than I otherwise would have written. I’ve learned how difficult it really is to write a book and get it right! I have new respect for everyone who writes,published or not! I’ve learned that characters reveal themselves to you. The idea is to come down among them into the scene, watch what they do, and then write about it. My own style is not to see too far ahead. I didn’t know what the outcome of the book would be when I began. I really didn’t know what the book was about when I started!”

The book is available on Amazon. Wipf & Stock Publishers sells it at a 20 per cent discount.

About Chuck Cooper

Chuck Cooper, a graduate of Claremont School of Theology (1978), served three Christian traditions during his active ministry. He has been deeply involved in social justice and inter-faith work. He has lived in Oregon for thirty years and has a special affinity for his adopted state’s coastline and beaches. His passion is for the spiritual well-being of those who are marginalized or alienated from religion as institution. He lives in Wilsonville, Oregon with his wife, Patty, and their two dogs, Bugsie and Murphy. This is his first novel.