Member News: Bill Kroger releases 13 Months In Vietnam

Bill Kroger releases 13 MONTHS IN VIETNAM

Bill Kroger

Willamette Writers member Bill Kroger announces the publication of his second novel: 13 Months in Vietnam. It’s about four young men who go to Vietnam in 1963, early in the war before the major shooting began, which sets 13 Months in Vietnam apart from other books that are heavy into the seriousness of war. As with most young men away from home, they get into all sorts of trouble, with lots of humor thrown in. The book is available at Black Rose Writing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and at all eBook sites.

About Bill Kroger

Bill Kroger is a traveler, having visited 22 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and the Americas. He is an environmentalist and passionate about the health of our world. He earned degrees in journalism and economics and has been a news reporter-editor, military officer, entrepreneur and a casino pit boss. In his off time, he helps our military men and women at the Veterans Administration and volunteers with his city’s emergency preparedness team.

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