Member News: Author Event — Character Transformation Masterclass with Eric Witchey

Eric Witchey

On Friday, August 5th, Eric Witchey will be teaching a Master Class at Willamette Writers Conference 2022. The topic is character transformation. Participants will walk away with an understanding of character resistance to change, reaction to epiphany, how resolution of cognitive dissonance demonstrates theme, and a set of executable tools for managing these crucial elements in any genre. 

A note from Eric:

Today, while working on the 100-page handout, I was struck by how excited I am to demonstrate characters getting things wrong leading to the empowerment of readers when characters find a new truth. I’m excited to be in a room with real people again. In other news, I’ve sold 6 new stories (3 genres) so far this year. Woohoo! Also, starting in September, I’ll be teaching the 9-month Fiction Fluency program for WordCrafters in Eugene.

Find out more about Master Classes at the conference here.

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