Member News: Author Event — Buried Truths

Elsa Wolf
Buried Truths

Author Elsa Wolf is pleased to announce that several book clubs have read her paperback novel, Buried Truths: A Daughter’s Tale, and asked her to appear as a guest speaker. She hopes to be invited to more events.

This tale is about the deception surrounding Heidi’s adoption in 1958, and the evolution of her life. The plot is based on a true story, which evolved into a fictionalized novel.

In the novel, a baby girl loses her given name along with her German heritage within the first month of her life. Heidi is whisked out of Wiesbaden to become the only known daughter of an older American couple living in Paris. By the time she turns four, the family moves to Washington, D.C. with their nanny.

As Heidi matures into her teenage years, she grows leery of her mother’s bizarre behavior and her father’s quiet disposition. During her university years, Heidi is confronted by a stranger who gives her an envelope addressed to her uncle. She confronts him. He reluctantly reveals disturbing facts about himself and her father. The alarms go off in her head, but she closes them down. The prospect of romance and a theatrical career temporarily overshadow his words. As life goes on her uncle is murdered, she learns about her lost German family, her parents become infirmed, and a treasure trove of secrets are revealed.

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