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Author Events Network Street Fair

Sell your books at the NW Garage event in Vancouver on 7/2/2022, with the Author Event Network. This is a member announcement, and not a Willamette Writers event. Find info below from member Andrew Sweet:

Want to sell some books? At AEN, we’ve been successful selling at non-author events like festivals and the like. The booth fees are pretty significant for many such events, and Guy Morris, an author friend of mine, founded AEN so that we could split those costs. For you, though, you can get in on one of these events for FREE!

Join Andrew Sweet, Guy Morris, and Rita Wirkala at the NW Garage event in Vancouver on 7/2/2022. Through AEN, we’re splitting the cost of a booth between us. We don’t really know what to expect, and many of our members are in the Greater Seattle Area and have opted not to drive to Vancouver for an untested event.

Consequently, we don’t have all time slots accounted for and are looking for others. Since we’ve already paid, we’re offering the slots for FREE.

A “slot” is a 3-hour time window on 7/2/2022 where we reserve space in our booth for you to set up and sell your novels. Times available are:

  • (2) 9AM – 12PM
  • (1) 12PM – 3PM

AEN authors have generally broken even at most of the events that we’ve attended, so this is a great opportunity for the right person. Let me know ( when you can! The sooner the better as that gives us more time to plan things out!

For more information on the event, please visit the event page here. The 7/2 date is what we’re interested in hitting.

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