How to Register for Advanced Manuscript Critiques – Willamette Writers Conference 2016

Advance Manuscript Critique Registration is now open!

This year, we have veteran authors, well-trained editors, and Advance Manuscript Critique Registration Openprofessional agents available to critique your manuscript. Each year, our Advance Manuscript Critiques sell out quickly, as attendees know it’s the best way to get the feedback that you need. Full details for each professional are available here.

How to Register

If you have not yet registered for the Conference, begin here. You will find all the details you need to register and find the right professional to critique your work.

If you are already registered for the Conference, log back into Conference Registration. Once you have logged-in, click the CONTINUE button on the bottom. Then, click MAKE CHANGES. On your agenda page, there are now options for Advance Manuscript Critiques. Choose which one(s) you like. All critiques are $75. Once you’ve chosen the critiques you want, head through CHECKOUT.

Pitch Registration

On May 15, Pitch registration will begin. As an early registrant, you’ll get first crack at pitches, too. For now, take a look at all those agents and editors who are providing Advance Manuscript Critiques (the full list is available here).

We can’t wait to see you in August!