Get The Most Out of Your Book Event

Authors sometimes don’t do all they can do to get the most out of their book events. A small turnout can feel discouraging, but in fact, small readings are a great opportunity to connect personally to convert readers into loyal fans.

Mary Bisbee-Beek offers her wisdom and knowledge for our members to help get the most of their book event.

I encourage authors to make the most of their event by making these requests to guests:

  1. If you liked the sound of my story, please purchase a book. (This helps support the hosts of the event, too.)
  2. If you are a member of a book club, please suggest my book for a forthcoming read. I brought my business card with me, and you can contact me to send you book club questions or appear at your meeting.
  3. Ask your local librarian to carry the book.

Before the event, ask the bookstore for their most recent media list, or use your own. Send a note (and a book when possible) to any book and features editors to let them know that you’ll be reading at X store on X date. Ask them to shout it out and tell them you are available for an interview if they’d like to run a story. Offer hooks from the book as to why it would make a good story. If it’s a Calendar of Events editor, just send a press release about your book and the information on your reading.

If you are self published, your book should be available through a local wholesaler or distributor such as Ingram who can supply it for events at local bookshops. (If your book is only available through Amazon, most independent booksellers will be less likely to want to help schedule a reading.)

Mary-BisbeeMary Bisbee-Beek is a publicist based in Portland OR. She works with publishers and authors internationally as well as locally. Contact her at mbisbee.beek[at]

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