Finding the Source: Research Strategies for Historical and Literary Fiction

“Finding the Source: Research Strategies for Historical and Literary Fiction” with Jennifer Springsteen, Kim Taylor Blakemore, and Joe Springsteen Sunday, June 10 from 3pm to 5pm at TaborSpace’s Muir Hall

Research creates authenticity in your manuscript. It insures your heroine doesn’t go riding down the cobblestone streets when the streets in that part of the city were brick. Whether literary or historical, getting to the primary sources (rather than stopping at secondary sources like google searches) insures you have the best information to weave into your story. We’ll discuss interviewing, experiential research, library and historical society sources as well as tracking and documentation.

In the age of “google it”, writers often approach research as keystrokes to accurate information. We fall into the rabbit hole of the internet and waste precious writing time. Capturing primary sources and engaging interviewees aren’t just skills for journalists, but writers are often left their college devices to sort through data that bring credibility to their books. With Portland Regional Arts and Culture Council grants, panelists bring their research knowledge to other inquisitive writers.

Because this is a grant funded workshop, we bring it to you at half the cost: $25.
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Jennifer Springsteen (she/her)
Co-founder, PDX Writers

2018 Regional Arts and Culture Council recipient :
Project Grant, The Wise Silence
Professional Grant, Boston’s Muse & Marketplace Conference