FiLMLaB Script-to-Screen Announces Finalists

by Stefan Feuerhardt

Four scripts have advanced to the final round of this year’s Script-to-Screen Competition. Congratulations and good luck to these finalists (in no particular order):



“Crow and Squirrel,” by Matt Merenda. Drama: A group of strangers in a coffee shop rediscovers an ancient power when the lights go out.
Micki Selvitella horz



“Stand Off,” by Micki Selvitella. Comedy: After a really bad day, a jilted husband barricades himself in his bathroom as his cheating wife and others try to talk him out.


Susie Rodrigues



“Validations,” by Susie Rodrigues. Science Fiction: In a dystopian future, a group of explorers must deal with temperamental machinery and tight timeframes while working to reclaim parts of their past.
Barbara Thomas




“Inspiration” by Barbara Thomas. Comedy: A newly re-energized writer resorts to extraordinary measures when his favorite writing spot is threatened.
One of these four scripts will be a movie in a matter of months…

But first:
As finalists in our unique contest, these writers now have the opportunity to discuss their scripts, in terms of potential production practicalities, with our eventual winning film’s director, the knowledgeable Christopher Alley. They’ll then have the opportunity to submit a rewrite of their script for the final round, if they choose, based on these production “notes.”

In addition, should the finalists need help with their rewrites, they’ll have an opportunity to discuss their scripts with professional screenwriter Randall Jahnson, who’s seen his share of quick-deadline rewrites in his successful Hollywood career.

And a quick-turnaround it is: if the finalists choose to submit a rewrite, it’s gotta be in by Wednesday night of this week! That’s when, one way or the other, our finalists’ scripts will be sent to LA, for the final round of judging by our panel of professional Hollywood producers.

So, for these four: more stress. But in the end, one of the writers listed above will be on set somewhere, watching their vision come to life, as we produce a movie from their winning script!

Good luck to all. And a hearty thanks, again, to everyone who took the time to submit a script this year- you’re all helping to grow this experiment into something special that reflects well on all of us writing stories for the screen here in the Northwest.

Stefan Feuerherdt, Conference Chair

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