FiLMLaB Announces Quarterfinalists

What an interesting season it’s been for FiLMLaB. We mixed things up this year by adding required prompts to the contest for dialogue (“I understand the urge.”), props (a lock of some sort), and perhaps the most interesting, a character prompt for “Bug Eyed Bill.”  It was a real challenge for the writers who took the risk (some of them multiple times!) and stepped into our experimental lab to test their creativity and expand their imagination. We are very happy to announce and congratulate the 2015 FiLMLaB Quarterfinalists:

Afterlife Incorporated      Stuart Peschka
Bug Eyed Bill & the Beauty Queen        Ted Blasche
Chemistry of Life                           David DeBord
Closing Doors                     Todd Kamp
Collections                         Kate Erickson
Disappearing Bottles           Maj Britt Baker
Game Over                       Janeen Olsen
Happy Anniversary               Amy Fredericks
Hidden                               Dan Kroon
Just Tonight                     Shaun Radecki

Left Behind                         Shaun Radecki
Neighbors                           Irene Parikhal
Rapt                                Kimberly Shumate
SciFi ‘N Thai 2Go Margaret Wallis
Seeing Clearly                 Claire Soister
The Darlings                     Elisa Graybill
The Hyde Hotel             Janeen Olsen
The Robbery                 Mark Scarbrough
The Shelf                       Shaun Radecki
The Subtext                 Michael Meyers
The Way Station                 Stan Matthews

2015 BlueCat Short Script Award Winner

2015 BlueCat Short Script Award Winner

Our hats are off to all of you who submitted. We had a very competitive pool of scripts for our judges to review, so please don’t be discouraged if your script didn’t advance. There may be another home for it elsewhere. Susan Fleming, one of our finalists from 2014, submitted her short script to The BlueCat Short Screenplay Contest and just took home first prize and $10,000 (congratulations, Susan!).

Thanks to all of you who played with us this year, and to our first round judges who read and reviewed each script multiple times before casting their vote. The second round is now underway with a new set of judges. Semifinalists will be announced on or before April 27th.