FiLMLaB 2015 Semifinalists Announced!

Bug Eyed Bill has tested a lot of writers in the 2015 FiLMLaB Contest. Integrating that character prompt into a seven page script has made the already difficult task of short form writing even more difficult. In the following eight scripts we see him as a blind art critic, a short order alien cook, a poor boys alter ego, a plush toy rabbit, a wisecracking geriatric, a mechanistic therapist, an orderly in a psychiatric hospital, and a sea shanty singing rube in a haunted hotel. Willamette Writers is very happy to announce the FiLMLaB 2015 Semifinalists:

Bug Eyed Bill & The Beauty Queen, by Ted Blasche

Left Behind, by Shaun Radecki

Neighbors, by Irene Parikhal

Rapt, by Kimberly Shumate

Sci-Fi ‘N Thai 2Go, by Margaret Wallis

Seeing Clearly, by Claire Soister

The Hyde Hotel, by Janeen Olson

The Robbery, by Mark Scarbrough

These writers will move on to the next round of Celebrity Judging, where professionals in the film industry will read and assess their work as we inch closer to choosing the winning writer who will win the Grand Prize: production of their short script by local film professionals!

All eight semifinalists will receive a free Screenwriter’s Pass to the 2015 Portland Film Festival courtesy of Josh Leake and our pals at #pdxff15.

pdxff_logo_1281Congratulations to our semifinalists!

**Check this space later this week when we’ll share news about this year’s celebrity judges!

Ruth Witteried

As Visual Media Director, Ruth Witteried works with all programs based in the visual arts, including screenwriting and film production. As Executive Director of the FiLMLaB competition and project, she produced the 2012 FiLMLaB short, Alis Volat Propriis, winner of the 2013 OIFF Best Comedic Short; 2013′s Coffee.Table.Book.; 2014's Unwelcome Guests, and in 2015, The Return of Bug Eyed Bill. She acted as Film Coordinator for the Willamette Writers Conference from 2011-2013 and occasionally teaches screenwriting at Clark College. She currently is Executive Director of Willamette Writers' FiLMLaB. You can follow her on Twitter @sityourassdown1 or Facebook at FiLMLaB. Contact her. (