Elizabeth Lyon’s “Crafting Titles” Available

Elizabeth Lyon, author of Crafting Titles

Author/editor Elizabeth Lyon

Crafting Titles is the newest booklet in a fiction craft series by editor-author Elizabeth Lyon.

In this helpful craft fiction book, Lyon decodes the mysterious process of finding a title that captures the uniqueness of your novel and makes a lasting impression. Analyzing classic and contemporary fiction, from all genres, Lyon explains when to consider a character name, place, date, theme, image, quotation, or word pattern.

Crafting Titles identifies keywords that telegraph genre titles and how to find a brand for a series.

It’s available in Amazon’s store in paperback (74 pgs), and for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo e-readers. Booklet #1 in the series: “Writing Subtext.”

Crafting Titles is available on Amazon.