Connie King Leonard Novel Cover Art Released

The cover art was released for the upcoming novel SLEEPING IN MY JEANS by Willamette Writers member Connie King Leonard. The debut young adult novel paints a raw, honest portrayal of teenage homelessness and resiliency in the face of insurmountable odds.

With an estimated 21,000 homeless students in the Oregon school system this year alone, Sleeping in My Jeans works to shine a light on the oft-forgotten stories of our society’s most vulnerable youth. The cover chosen for this novel helps convey the fear and isolation that comes with homelessness, while perfectly setting the scene for the mystery and suspense to come. For more about the cover reveal and to see what the cover looks like for yourself, check out the article posted by YA Interrobang.

SLEEPING IN MY JEANS releases from Ooligan Press on November 13. Connie King Leonard is donating 10% of all profits from the book to St. Vincent de Paul.