CHARLES SCHWAB AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, by Wayne Pierce, Available Now

Pierce_FrontCover_1667x2500pxIn this nonfiction book, author Wayne Pierce begins his story by describing his romantic relationship with a woman he eventually learns is Charles Schwab’s former fiancee. According to the author, Schwab becomes obsessed over his former lover and engages in many months of harassment, stalking, and blackmail. When the author reports Schwab’s illegal activities to the Bush and Obama administrations, they conspire with Schwab to protect him from our system of justice, thus obstructing justice and denying the author’s civil rights. For the past 11 years, Schwab and the U.S. government have continued their illegal spying, harassment and stalking of the author. One chapter is dedicated to discussion of a “Bomb Hoax” in which Schwab and the government attempted to frame the author for attempting to kill Schwab.

The book is available through retailers such as Amazon, Powells and Barnes & Noble in paperback and e-book editions.

Wayne Pierce was born in a small farm town in California’s San Joaquin Valley. At a young age his family moved to the San Jose area, which at the time was primarily farmland covered with prune orchards. Pierce attended San Jose City College and San Jose State. He began his 36-year career with IBM at their new plant in San Jose. He also worked at IBM’s Charlotte, North Carolina plant. About half of his career was in management. Since retiring he has continued his interest in computers. He once wrote weekly human interest articles for a small-town newspaper in Texas. He now occasionally writes articles for Salem News.