Can You Help this PSU Research Project on Gender and Developmental Editing?

Research Project Needs Your HelpAre you a published author?
Would you mind sharing developmental letters with researchers at PSU?
If so, read on, and thank you on behalf of the grad students at PSU!

The Masters in Book Publishing program at PSU is looking to study editorial letters and would like authors to consider sharing theirs with the students researching this project. They are looking for a variety of genres and a variety of genders both in the editor and the author.

More details

Here is the detailed request from Dr. Per Henningsgard who heads up the Masters in Book Publishing program at PSU (and thank you Rosanne Parry for sharing this with us):

“I’m working with a group of students on a research project about gender and developmental editing. As part of this project, we need to collect developmental letters written by as many editors as possible, to as many authors as possible. We’re looking to achieve a mix of genders in this collection. If you’d be willing to dig back through your files and find a developmental letter or two that you received from your editor/s, we’d really appreciate it if you could share that with us. Rest assured, no identifying details from these letters will be shared outside our small group of researchers.”

How to Participate?

If you’re willing and able, click this linkYou will be asked a few simple survey questions and then you will be asked to upload your developmental letter/s.

Thank You

Thank you for considering this request. If you wish to share this with any of your writer friends, the students at PSU would be delighted!