Bug Eyed Bill Premiers At The WWC

As Willamette Writers heads into the last two weeks of organizing their annual conference, finalizing details for workshops, classes, pitches and celebrations; FiLMLaB, likewise, is putting the final editorial and post-production touches on winner Mark Scarbrough’s short film, The Robbery. Yes, it is a film now, his short script transformed by director Michael Parisien of Going Street Films and his talented crew. Like Willamette Writers, whose year long efforts culminate in their August 7-9th shindig, our efforts will culminate as well when Bug Eyed Bill premiers at the WWC.

The Return of Bug Eyed Bill

The Return of Bug Eyed Bill

With a new title that is more reflective of the final version of Mark’s script, The Return of Bug Eyed Bill represents multiple rewrites post contest win. After Mark made it into the finals, he was given a chance to rewrite his script based on notes from Hollywood professionals before it went to final judging. After he won our contest, he worked with script mentor Randall Jahnson to more fully shape his script into what the director envisioned. The final result of this collaboration will be on display Saturday night, August 8th at the Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel. The film premiers at 6:00 pm in the Lloyd Center Ballroom. Free to conference attendees and the public, we hope you’ll join us for Mark’s film and what promises to be a lively panel discussion with the very talented cast and crew of 2015 FiLMLaB!

If you choose to come early, be sure to stop by the Ballroom for our annual awards event, featuring Lifetime Achievement Winner, Tom Robbins, and the launch of WW’s newest venture, our literary magazine, The Timberline Review. And if you want to stay late, there’s a kicking party upstairs ($50) as Willamette Writers celebrates it’s 50th year!

Hope to see you at FiLMLaB and the conference. Bring your dancing shoes!


Ruth Witteried

As Visual Media Director, Ruth Witteried works with all programs based in the visual arts, including screenwriting and film production. As Executive Director of the FiLMLaB competition and project, she produced the 2012 FiLMLaB short, Alis Volat Propriis, winner of the 2013 OIFF Best Comedic Short; 2013′s Coffee.Table.Book.; 2014's Unwelcome Guests, and in 2015, The Return of Bug Eyed Bill. She acted as Film Coordinator for the Willamette Writers Conference from 2011-2013 and occasionally teaches screenwriting at Clark College. She currently is Executive Director of Willamette Writers' FiLMLaB. You can follow her on Twitter @sityourassdown1 or Facebook at FiLMLaB. Contact her. (visualmedia@willamettewriters.org)