Ben Gorman Steers the Ship

Fellow Willamette Writers,

Ben Gorman

Jedi Ben Gorman

I love writing those words. It’s an honor just to be in the company of so many talented and motivated writers from around the Northwest. Some of you may be more talented than motivated, so WW has graciously (and perhaps foolishly) allowed me to take the helm of the blog and grab onto the organization’s Twitter and Facebook handles for the week to inspire you to complete that manuscript that is sitting there on your desk, unfinished, taunting you with its incompleteness.

Since I’ll be steering the ship, the people in charge thought you might like to know the name of the guy who keeps veering close to the rocks so you can cry out your warnings with a high degree of specificity. “Benjamin, be careful!” you’ll yell. “What does Gorman think he’s doing?” you’ll ask one another. And if you really want to scold me, you could go thoroughly-disappointed-mom-style and shout, “Benjamin Douglas Gorman!”

That’s me! Ben Gorman!

I’m the author of two published novels, The Sum of Our Gods and Corporate High School. I’m also the co-owner of a small, independent publishing company, Not a Pipe Publishing. (We’ll be accepting submissions soon, so if you’ll have a manuscript to pitch to us, follow @NotAPipePub for announcements.) I have learned a thing or two about completing manuscripts. I’ve also learned a lot more about what can get in the way. How do you overcome those everyday obstacles that get between you and a completed manuscript? Do you find yourself dependent on the whims of the muses, or have you figured out a way to appeal to them for inspiration? Share a strategy or an inspirational quote in the comments section below. Let’s get inspired and make some huge progress this week!

See you online,

Ben Gorman