Barry L. Becker Releases The Erickson Connection

By Author, Barry L. Becker

The Ericksen Connection is a Spy/Action/Suspense/Thriller which puts readers on the edge of their seats for a riveting, spellbound journey of twists and turns from start-to-finish!

It is a story about betrayal, justice and redemption. It follows the path of Mark Ericksen, a former Navy SEAL Team-Six platoon leader who developed Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2002 while in Afghanistan, to his attempts at rebuilding his life. Over the next seven years he maintains his top secret clearance working for three defense contractors while hiding his PTSD. In 2009, he is contracted by the CIA to sabotage a terrorist mastermind who is determined to attack two American cities with nuclear suitcase bombs.

Can Ericksen avoid discovery, overcome his PTSD, and thwart the nuclear plot before a network of international spies, counterspies, and terrorists achieve their evil goals?

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