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The Martini of DestinyOne drink changed the world

A special martini gives courage to a doubting man, a ghost doesn’t pay for his pints, a destiny-slinging bartender questions everything, and the world will never be the same.

Bartender Jake Hongkong has served drinks, decisions and destinies for The Management longer than any other Jake or Jade. He knows when a person needs more than just a drink, he knows exactly what they need and he knows the destiny they need to decide. But when he serves more than a martini to a scared man in love, Jake for the first time questions how he affects people’s lives, especially when his actions are for the sake of a woman he’ll never meet. Then a ghost vanishes from the pub without paying for his pints—and after stealing something precious of Jake’s. Jake gives chase, only to see something he wasn’t meant to see. This decision’s consequences ripple through destiny and change lives forever.

Grab your passport, have a pint and live the world of the Rucksack Universe! Brought to you by Anthony St. Clair and Rucksack Press, the e-book novella The Martini of Destiny introduces us to globetrotters, mischief makers, destiny-slinging bartenders and slightly inhuman beings who keep the world turning.

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  • Kindle Edition: ISBN-13:978-1-940119-00-7 | ISBN-10:1940119006
  • Smashwords Edition: ISBN-13:978-1-940119-01-4 | ISBN-10:1940119014

About Anthony St. Clair
Globetrotter, homebrewer and writer Anthony St. Clair has walked with hairy coos in the Scottish Highlands, choked on seafood in Australia, and watched the full moon rise over Mt. Everest in Tibet. Anthony’s travels have also taken him around the sights and beers of Thailand, Japan, India, Canada, Ireland, the USA, Cambodia, China and Nepal. He and his wife live in Oregon and gave their son a passport for his first birthday. More at www.anthonystclair.com