Authors Road Interviews Carola Dunn

Welcome to Authors Road: Carola Dunn, Mystery, Regency Romance – “Carola Dunn: Mystery, Regency Romance”

“One thing I enjoy is exploring why a nice person would commit murder.”

Our first interview after leaving Portland was with Carola Dunn, author of the popular Daisy Dalrymple cozy mystery series. She is English by birth, and although she has lived in the U.S. a good many years she still sounds delightfully British. We joke that we could just listen to her read the phonebook with that lovely accent.

Carola is the author of over 50 books, and began her career in the late 70s with a Regency romance written longhand at the kitchen table. She sold her first book and generally stayed under contract for the next 15 years. She then turned to mystery, moving her stories to the Golden Age between the two World Wars in England. She says that “my characters are real to me” and that she doesn’t want to “live with nasty people in her mind” so that generally even her villains are nice people. She researches by Internet, book, letter and travel. The result? Characters that readers want to spend time with, places they can really see, and factual historic details to tickle the mind.

And we’re pleased to note that her latest Daisy Dalrymple novel, Gone West, comes out mid-Januaray.

We hope that you’ll cozy-up with a warm blanket and a cup of tea to listen to our conversation with Carola. She says that “There are three things you need to be a writer: luck, talent and persistence.” We hope you’ll enjoy seeing how that fits with Carola’s writing life.

George, Salli & Ella