Authors Road Interview: Diana Gabaldon

Fiction Writer # 15
Too often science and art are classed as two different worlds, distinct from one another.

We are pleased to introduce you to someone who doesn’t recognize this distinction, but rather sees these endeavors as two sides of the same coin. And she has the credentials to assert this since she’s both an accomplished scientist and a successful novelist of the bestselling Outlander series and the Lord John series.

In this intriguing and lively interview, Diana Gabaldon shares her understanding of how the artistic process and the scientific process are similar, and how crafting a novel is like solving a scientific riddle.

But that’s not all that Diana offers in this amazing interview. She also does something that no other writer we’ve spoken with has attempted: she demonstrates how a written scene is crafted, reshaped and refined into a fine literary image. It’s a magical scene that writers and artists, and no doubt scientists, will find illuminating.

Each of Diana’s many novels and novellas her multiple genres, and her insights about writing are some of the most unique we’ve encountered as we’ve traveled the Authors Road. We believe you’ll find her interview an inspiration, whether you’re a writer, a reader, or simply a lover of clear thinking.

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